The Fashion Designer – A Book Review


About the Book (from Amazon):

Annie Wood, the housemaid-turned-pattern designer in The Pattern Artist, jumps at the chance to design her own clothing line when a wealthy New York couple offers to finance her endeavor. Joining the project is Annie’s new husband, Sean Culver, her best friend at Butterick, Maude Nascato, and a mother figure, Edna Holmquist.

Annie and her colleagues give up their careers, risking everything to follow a shared passion: clothes that are both fashionable and functional for modern, busy women in 1912.

Personal and financial setbacks test old relationships and new romances while threatening to keep the business from ever selling a single dress. No one said it would be easy. But the promise of the American Dream holds a deep hope for those who work hard, trust God, and never give up.

My thoughts…

What a wonderful turn of the century tale of the American Dream! I truly enjoyed reading Annie Culver’s story. There were dreams, obstacles, romance, and a little bit of history throughout. It had all that I expect and enjoy out of a historical fiction novel. It is different from other novels of this time period that I have read in that it is about fashion, which is a world I have never explored and feel like is not a common topic. This story focuses on the characters and their lives and makes it all feel so real, especially as it intertwines real events into the characters day to day. It at times almost felt too modern for the turn of the century in some ways, at least in what you imagine from that time period, but the way that Nancy Moser interspersed actual history made you realize that the story was a real possibility! Wonderfully done.

The author also wraps you into each character and makes you care for them and sit on the edge of your seat waiting to read how their story pans out. You are constantly wondering if any will get their happy endings, if their dreams will come true, and you are routing for them all the while. It was well written and flowed so it was easy and enjoyable to read. I am not into fashion and at first glance may not have picked up this book, but I read the description, was pulled in, and decided to see where it went. I was very glad I did. This book will leave you with a smile on your face!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley for my fair and honest review.

One response to “The Fashion Designer – A Book Review

  1. This looks great! I love historical novels. I am reading RLM’s The Leper Messiah which deals with David and his life and what may have been. It’s very good. for his books. David is such an inspiring man.


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