2014 Book Challenges

2014 Book Challenges

Here is a list of book challenges that I’ve joined this year.   I have actually never participated in book challenges before.  I am so excited to try some out this year.  The toughest part is going to try to limit myself on how many I do 😉 I am coming a little late to the game, but it’s not too late to start!

2014 Ebook Challenge

2014 Ebook Reading Challenge

This one is to challenge you to increase books read on your eReader.  This will be fun, I just got a Kindle for Christmas 🙂

My goal is to reach DVD Level – 25 eBooks

Book to Movie Challenge

Book to Movie Challenge

Reading books that have been turned into movies and then watching the movie.

Goal: Movie Devotee – read 6 books and watch their movies

Back to the Classics 2014

Back to the Classics 2014

I am looking forward to this one.  You have to read 6 books in the 6 categories given.

Banned Books Challenge 2014

Banned Books Challenge

Reading banned books.

Goal:  Trouble-Maker: 3-5 Challenged Books

Lucky No 14

Luck No. 14 Reading Challenge

This one will be fun.  There are 14 categories you have to complete.

2014 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

2014 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

Challenge to read historical fiction. This is one of my favorite genres!

Goal: Victorian reader – 5 books

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