October 2016 Thoughts

October 26, 2016

Man, I am one exhausted woman today. I should be headed to bed right now, but I had the thought of starting these “Thoughts” pages and I just had to do it; otherwise, I just know that it would never happen! So here I am, 12:30am my time typing rather than snoozing. Yes, I am crazy! Remember, I am a mom to an 18 month old, so I really should be better about taking advantage of sleep time when I can, but oh well 😉

Overall today was a good day, even though it did not go much as planned (but really when does it ever?!? Right?). We got to start the day with some good friends and we ended it cuddling as a family. You cannot beat that! In between all of that it was mostly frustrating between a clingly toddler, insanely slow internet, and an iPad that decided to stop working. When you look back at it though, it was not bad at all. I got to cuddle with my little man a lot, and I got my iPad back to working after having the best customer support experience of my life! Sure I did not get half of the things I wanted to done today, but we will see how tomorrow goes!

I am quite excited for tomorrow and an event we have planned with friends! If all goes well, it will get its own blog post!


October 27, 2016


October 28, 2016

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