A Week In Review & Thank Goodness for the Weekend!

Wow, this week has just been a a whirlwind! I am so ready for the weekend, but I was so not prepared for it to arrive. I had so much to get done this week and I feel like I only accomplished a quarter of it. Do you ever just have those weeks where you feel buried? This was definitely one of those weeks for me. It was a great week, just very packed and tiring. I’ll start with last weekend. It was such a great one and we started our little boy on solids! He did great and had so much fun with all the new foods he got to try. He has been just staring us down while we eat and started reaching for it, so we decided it was time to give it a spin. We had taken a Baby Led Weaning class last month and decided that was the route we wanted to go, and so far it has worked out beautifully and Tristan is having a blast! Boy is it a mess though. It just adds more to do to an already packed schedule, but such is life, and it is so very worth it. Here are a couple pics of our adventures into the world of food πŸ™‚

Tristan's First Foods-1

Tristan's First Foods-2

Tristan's First Foods-3

Bananas were definitely a success!

Tristan's First Foods-4

Tristan's First Foods-5

He was pretty interested in scrambled eggs too.

Tristan's First Foods-6

Avocado not so much, but he enjoyed squishing it and getting it on his face haha!

Tristan's First Foods-7

More food gets on him then in his mouth, but that is okay. This early, it is all about learning coordination and getting used to bringing foods to his mouth.

Tristan's First Foods-9

Surprisingly, he loved salmon! And was not quite sure what to think about broccoli πŸ˜‰Tristan's First Foods-10

Then on Monday, our till boy turned 6 months old!!! I cannot believe it, this time has just gone by so incredibly fast and my baby is disappearing every day and becoming a little boy. It is such a fun stage as he learns to sit up and play with all his toys. He is just taking the entire world in and learning so much. It is such a joy to watch. Life is just amazing. Check out this pic that I took as part of his six month photo shoot πŸ˜‰

Tristan's First Foods-8

Then work was just jam packed as well. I work part time from home and it is working out so well with being at home with my little one, but it makes life just that much crazier! I am definitely still learning how to balance it all. Do any of you work from home with small children? Do you have any good tips on how to fit it all in? I sure am getting nervous about when my little one becomes mobile and what that will mean for my work efficiency… We will just see how that goes.

Then on top of that I decided to become a Norwex Consultant! Like I have a ton of extra time haha. I just believe in it so much and love their stuff that I decided I needed to share it with those around me. So, all week I have also been trying to cram in all that knowledge, plan my launch party, and prep my house for the party.

Whew, I am so tired lol!!! So, I did not get all my work goals done, I did not get everything cleaned in my house like I wanted, and I did not have time to take family photos like I had hoped. But, I just keep telling myself that that is okay and I really need to enjoy the weekend and recharge so I am ready to take on the next week. We are looking forward to a weekend with family and friends and much needed catching up time. I hope you all have a great weekend πŸ™‚ Have any plans or good ideas and tips on how to recharge? I’d love to read them!

We also loved watching the lunar eclipse, so amazing! Did any of you get some good shots of it?

Tristan's First Foods-11

Tristan's First Foods-12

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