Critical Pursuit – A Book Review

“Officer Brinna Caruso has built a reputation at the precinct as the cop to call when a child goes missing. For Brinna, it’s personal because she was once one of them. Brinna and her K-9 search and rescue dog, Hero, will stop at nothing to find a missing child, no matter the stakes.

Detective Jack O’Reilly isn’t ready to return to his homicide duties, after losing his wife to a drunk driver. He’s on the downside of his career, and bent on revenge, when he’s assigned as Brinna’s partner. While on patrol, Jack struggles between his quest for personal justice and his responsibility to those around him, especially his partner.

Skeptical of Jack’s motives, Brinna isn’t sure she can rely on her new partner, whose reckless abandon endangers the safety of those around him. But when a man surfaces with an MO similar to the criminal who abducted Brinna twenty years earlier, Brinna and Jack must cast aside previous judgments and combine efforts to catch the kidnapper, and finally allow Brinna the peace stolen from her as a child.” (Amazon Book Description)

This book literally drew me in from the first page on. I finished it in three days! I just could not seem to put it down. I was a little skeptical about it from the description; it sounded good, but did not get me very excited about reading it. I am so glad that I opened it and started reading. She talks about extremely difficult topics with extreme grace. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys crime or mystery. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It is full of drama, action, and suspense from page one to the end.

Janice Cantore does a wonderful job of developing her characters and really connecting them to the reader. I felt like I was Brinna and it was so hard! I tend to immerse myself into my reading. This could be why I finished this one so fast, it was very hard to be immersed in their world. They had to deal with so much pain both in their own lives and through the lives of their victims. It really makes a person think about the incredibly difficult work that our police officers do everyday to keep our society safe.

I want to say so much more in this review, but I do not want to give anything away. I will just say that it is an excellent and engrossing read that addresses some very hard topics, but it leaves you with a happy feeling. It does a great job in trying to answer the age old question of why bad things happen in this world.

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